About Kate

Kate Baum’s roots are from the Midwest but has now made New York her adopted home state. The clash of cultures entertains her often. She laughs all day as a school librarian, then feeds her soul at night with her creative outlet of romance writing. She both celebrates and despises her impulsive nature. Certainly, having five children was quite the madcap idea. After the first two, she kept deciding that they were way too cute as babies. Thank goodness they’ve all grown into wildly successful, somewhat normal adults. Which is impressive since conversation over the dinner table was full of fantastical stories, boisterous hilarity and rambunctious chaos. Good times……
She now tries to rein in her spontaneous but often passionate instincts by creating unique characters that readers will adore and savor.

“I have always been a voracious reader. My favorite genres were tailored to YA type of horror, fantasy and science fiction. I guess it fit being that I am a middle school librarian. I have a young adult series in mind that I always told myself I would one day write. Then, at the young age of 45, I picked up an erotic romance book. I only read it out of curiosity. It was a best seller and ALL the teachers in my school were talking about this particular book. You know the one. It had a certain “tie” on the cover. Instantly, overnight, I became of fan of erotic romance. That summer, I think I read twenty erotic romance books. Since I work in a school, I have the beauty of summers off. I read day and night that summer. My face was always plastered in front of my e-reader. I couldn’t get enough of erotic romance. The passion was exciting and contagious!

What this genre did for me was to bring out characters in my head that I had been dreaming about for years. I became obsessed at the idea of writing my own fantasies. Reading other talented authors gave me the inspiration to write stories about my favorite sexy alpha men. So, I created the Girl Series.

Since I’m a new writer, I’m dying for feedback! Please don’t hesitate to email me or chat with me on facebook or twitter. Here’s a little gem I discovered….. Passionate readers are so much fun! I love getting comments after someone reads my book. I have literally laughed out loud enjoying the viewpoints expressed in my email box. It’s not just the questions about my characters that I relish. It’s a ton of fun to get advice on who the character needs to “hook up with”. I am touched by a reader’s concern on the future of my characters. It motivates me to not only keep going but to do better. To keep writing characters that stay with the reader for a long time.

In Nice Girl, I was amazed by how many readers wrote that Anthony needed his own story. I had this in the back of my mind as I watched how Dee’s character progressed and became obsessed with domination sex. It seemed to fit then that the two of them would get their own story in Smart Girl.

After writing Brave Girl, I had several readers want to see Lauren and Cash hook up. I can see why that happened. Unfortunately, I already had a story in my head for Lauren and I wasn’t giving it up! I did enjoy immensely researching Native American culture for Brave Girl and I can’t get Cash out of my mind. We will see more of him in a future book. I have my readers to thank for that.

Please keep in touch. You inspire me to keep going.”