Book List


Nice Girl – Book One of the Girl Series

Graduate student, Grace Locke moved from the Midwest to New York City to complete her Masters degree in Criminology. She longs to one day be a college professor, but it’s a field dominated by men. When she takes a part time secretarial job at a private investigator office, she assumes it will be interesting to watch how the cases unfold.

Even more perfect is that the office is run by street wise hardened males. It was time to toughen up or she wouldn’t make it in a career she yearned to have. If she succeeds in surrounding herself with alpha males, she can become what she sees as a strong confident woman. She finds power and defiance in her new attitude—until Vinnie.

Former hit man, Vinnie Lewis decides to go straight—the ultimate ‘bad boy’. After growing up with a prostitute mother on the streets of New York City, he has no patience for nice girls like Grace. He’s difficult to work with and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Grace finds him just plain scary with his six foot four frame, bulging biceps, and a scar from a former knife fight, crossing from his right ear to his chin. She wasn’t prepared for Vinnie. She shakes in his presence but then…is shocked when she can’t stop thinking about him.



Brave Girl – Book Two of the Girl Series

Eve is beyond excitement for her new adventure. Only a truly brave girl could move thousands of miles from home to begin a five year commitment, teaching at an American Indian Reservation.

As soon as she arrives, she finds that many of the tribe’s people aren’t very welcoming. They’re suspicious of the college students who work and live on the reservation in exchange for free graduate tuition.

After a misunderstanding, Eve decides she absolutely despises a certain tribal police officer. Circumstances cause her to keep running into him.

Lou regrets the awkward situation when he first met Eve. He’d been openly distrustful of the college girls who came to live on the reservation. In the past, some of the girls were disrespectful of the tribe’s culture. There’s something different about Eve though. He can’t get her out of his head. The more he tries to get to know her, the more she pulls away. What will it take for Lou to convince Eve that their attraction for each other cannot be denied?

Eve has given up on men. She’s had unsatisfying sex in the past and decided men are just not worth the trouble. She’s a modern young woman and decides that using a handy tool is all she needs to relieve her sexual frustration.

The problem is…there’s a gorgeous sexy police officer that stirs her blood, like no man has ever done before. Eve is tough, strong and brave. She doesn’t like the fact that her legs shake and her voice trembles whenever she crosses paths with him. Maybe if she keeps running from him, she won’t have to face what her body—or her heart is telling her.



My Girl (a novella) – Book 2.5 of the Girl Series

Grace and Vinnie’s relationship was full of passion and desire. Grace knew she met the man of her dreams with Vinnie. No other man had ever brought out such intense, almost overwhelming, feelings of love and desire…..and let’s not forget the sex. The sex was incredible!

Grace and Vinnie grew up in two entirely different worlds. She, in a middle class suburban life, seemingly idyllic. He, on the tough streets of New York City, being raised by a prostitute mother. Sometimes love isn’t enough when your life experiences are poles apart. Deep down Grace knew that one day Vinnie’s past would catch up to them.

Grace could handle Vinnie’s possessiveness, not matter how overbearing. At least that’s what she thought…..until Vinnie makes a rash decision that will affect the rest of their lives together. Was she truly ready for everything that Vinnie wanted to give her?

In turn, was Vinnie ready for everything that Grace wanted to give him?



Funny Girl – Book Three of the Girl Series

Janie was always the life of the party, gifted with a natural ability to make people laugh. Her fun world comes crashing down when she’s attacked coming home from a party. Two good Samaritans happen to come to her aid and save her from a tragic crime. She’s convinced to go to self- defense classes to help her cope with her fear.

Cullen, a professional boxer, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. When trouble befalls him again, an empathetic Judge looks at his upbringing and decides that Cullen needs one more chance. Judge Dillon recognizes that Cullen often looks out for the underdog and this trait may be the only way Cullen can find a purpose in his life. Cullen’s community service sentence is to teach a self-defense course.

Janie believes she will never feel safe among men again. Cullen doesn’t think he is capable of a loving relationship. The problem becomes obvious between them, as neither of them can stop thinking about each other.



Naughty Girl – Book 3.5 of the Girl Series

Book 3.5 of the Girl Series. A 20,000 word novella. Cora is head over heels for her boyfriend, Joe. He’s kind, tender-hearted but a little too old-fashioned. He seems to want to take their relationship slow. Cora is the type of girl who goes for what she wants. She’s smart, hard-working, and relishes being in control. Maybe she needs to take the reins when it comes to their lovemaking?
One fateful night, her roommate hands her a book that is all about dominatrix type of sex. As Cora educates herself about the world of BDSM, she begins to see herself in a whole new light. She’s determined to explore a desire that is invigorating her. First she needs to work out if Joe is indeed old-fashioned or maybe, just maybe, he’s the perfect submissive.



Smart Girl- Book Four of the Girl Series

Expected Release December, 2016

Dee is the epitome of a smart successful girl. On a full scholarship to law school, she personifies achievement. She’s not only intelligent though, she’s confident. No one can out debate or out argue her. She takes the lead in all her classes and relishes the power that comes from her dominance.

At five foot nine, blond, pretty with an hourglass figure, she’s used to men gawking at her. However, within seconds, Dee puts them all in their place. She lets them all know she’s a gal who won’t be controlled.

Dee has a secret though…her sex life is unsatisfying. After a joke about an orgasm pact with her three best friends, she finally experienced the sexual outlet she was lacking. Her girlfriends have all moved on to loving relationships. She felt like she was missing something. What exactly was she looking for?

Anthony is finally able to live the life he craved. He found a club where he’s free to have the only kind of sex that turns him on. He hungers for the power role play. He wants to restrain, spank, and dominate. It’s about time he found women who understood his needs. He’s a dark, compelling, good looking man. He has no trouble finding any number of willing submissives at the club he frequents. Then why isn’t he satisfied? What exactly is he looking for?

Then—there she was. One of the most stunning women Anthony had ever seen. Not only was Dee beautiful but she there was a look of defiance on her face. She gave off vibes that she set the rules. Anthony chuckled to himself. He could see right through her façade. She needed to submit.

It was a challenge—exactly what they both were looking for.


Mean Girl – Cassie’s Story

Expected release: 2017



Beautiful Girl – Marina’s Story

Expected release: 2017


Girl Series Novellas


Wild Girl

A 20,000 word novella. This story was originally titled “Girl Next Door Went A’ Walking” and released in the Love, Elvis Style Anthology.
Meadow Byrne spent years escaping her past. Growing up with an eccentric hippie mother, Meadow grew tired of her chaotic and often unstable childhood. When Meadow learns a devastating secret her mother kept from her, she leaves for college, never looking back. She channels her anger into becoming a cutthroat investment banker. Her goal is to be the complete antithesis of her artist mother. Meadow has a few setbacks in her zeal to succeed as a stone cold saleswoman. Her mother’s paintings of Elvis bring back a warm childhood memory.
Then it becomes too late to patch things up with her mother. Meadow’s mother passes away. She leaves specific instructions for Meadow. One of which was to find love.
No one snaps their fingers and finds love, do they? During a pilgrimage to Graceland to spread her mother’s ashes with her best friend, Destiny, Meadow meets a sexy skydiving Elvis impersonator. Liam brings out feelings in Meadow that she thought she hid deep inside.
Maybe all Meadow needs to do to heal is to embrace her wild side.




Wrong Girl

A 17,000 word novella. This title was originally released in the Hot Soldier Boxed Set,
Ernestine “Ernie” Rose learned early on in life from her bitter and angry mother that she didn’t need a man to succeed. While she learned those lessons well, they’ve made for a lonely life. It isn’t until Ernie accompanies her extremely nervous friend, Lauren, on a blind date that Ernie discovers there’s more than one way to need a man. Sparks fly between Ernie and the blind date’s wingman, Chase. He inspires Ernie to do something she’s never done before… let go of her inhibitions.




Clever Girl

A 17,500 word novella. This title was originally released in the Wicked Fairytales: The Curvy Collection Anthology.
Kate’s Fairy tale version of the Girl Series! A re-telling of the classic, The Little Red Hen.
Ettie Stewart is such a nice, good girl, that she doesn’t even balk when her parents ship her off to a fat camp. But what if being everyone’s good little girl can have unexpected benefits in the form of the fat camp’s hot chef, Henry?



Rich Girl

A 12,000 word novella. This story was originally released in the Stranded with a Billionaire Anthology. Raisa discovers that being rich is not the same as being wealthy in “Rich Girl”.
Raisa Hughes is always in control. Set to take over a billion-dollar company, she doesn’t do helpless and powerless. After a fun filled dinner with her law school pal, Dee, Raisa sets off on the road to get back to her apartment. Problem was…a blizzard is on the way. When a stunning, sexy man comes to her aid on the side of the road, he stirs erotic urges in her that she’s never known before. Raisa discovers that with the right man, she doesn’t mind being rescued after all.


Wicked smaller

Wicked Girl

A 17,500 word novella.  This story was originally released in When the Night Comes: A Paranormal Romance Anthology.

Kate’s paranormal version of the Girl Series!  Alala is unique.  Not only is she a natural witch, but a powerful psychic.  Burdened by a childhood full of chants of “Witch” and “Wicked Girl” along with the excessive demands of her coven, Alala runs away for solitude.  She finds peace as a hedge witch growing natural herbs and selling them to local country stores.  When three strangers show up at her doorstep, she becomes conflicted when asked to help a young man cursed by a dark spirit.  Inexplicably drawn to the young man’s brother, Josh, Alala fears that when he sees the true nature of her gifts, he’ll think she’s just another wicked girl.


Dream Girl (1)

Dream Girl

An 18,000 word novella.  This title was originally released in the Gods and Goddesses Boxed Set.

After losing eighty pounds, it isn’t just Lauren’s body that has changed.  Her dreams have become increasingly sensual and erotic.  She learns from the women on the reservation about the Maiden of the Mist, who visits star crossed lovers in their dreams.  Then she meets Tim face to face and has to ask herself, is it real or is it all just a dream?