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Please welcome erotic romance author Brenda Dyer.  Brenda writes romance in the paranormal genre.  She just released book two of her Prophecy’s child series.  I love the quote that Brenda has under her signature name…”True love takes courage and sacrifice.”  That’s what I enjoy most about erotic romance.  The HEA is always a struggle, a long journey, full of angst.  Like a intense round of good sex though, when it comes. damn it’s satisfying!  I’ll never understand the critics that turn up their nose at erotic romance.  I’ve never read anything so powerful.  Proof in point, read on about Brenda’s incredibly imaginative new release.



His secret will shatter her world.

Katherine Colby’s life splintered ten years ago when her lover suddenly vanished, leaving her with more than a broken heart. But when Kal unexpectedly makes an appearance, her safe, dependable existence is shattered once more. Drawn into Kal’s deadly world of vampires and demons, she must now put aside her hurt and anger and learn to trust him. Can she forgive past deceptions and find the courage to love again? Or will she turn away the one man who owns her heart and soul?

Her secret will change his life.

Powerful, and lethal, Kal is a vampire warrior, sworn to protect humans from demons. Loving Katherine too much to pull her into his dangerous world, Kal deserted her, believing his decision was best for them both. But not even time could assuage his yearning for the woman who has captured his heart. As fate tosses them together once again, Kal must fight to win Katherine’s trust and forgiveness before ev separates them forever. But is he ready to become the man she needs him to be? Or will he lose the one woman he can’t live without?

Brenda sent me something very creative.  I always let the author dictate how they want their visit to go.  Some like traditional interview questions.  Others like contests and special themes.  Brenda sent me a post of her interviewing one of her characters.  It’s awesome and I know you will enjoy it! 

Here’s the post:

Kal uncensored

Thank you so much Kate for having Kal and I on your site today.


Brenda:  Hello, Kal. I’m glad you could make it. I know how busy you are.

Kal: Thanks for having me. I can’t stay long. Have to meet Mel and Soren at The Green Tree then head out demon hunting.

Brenda: *smiles* I understand. I know we can’t say much in case we give some of the book away, but how’s Katherine doing? How’s Ike?

Kal: They’re doing very well–thanks for asking.

Brenda: Glad to hear it. Tell them I said hi.

Kal: Will do.

Brenda: So, during the writing of Prophecy’s Child, was there a time where you thought you and Katherine wouldn’t end up together?

Kal: Yeah. I wasn’t sure after the demon got his filthy hands on Katherine and Ike. I thought that was it for us all. I thought for sure my plan wouldn’t work.

Brenda: *Laughs* Nice to know you had such little faith in me.

Kal: *Laughs back* Nah, not in you, in myself.

Brenda:  I’m going to change gears here if that’s okay?

Mel: Sure. You’re the interviewer.

Brenda: How shocked were you to find out you had a child?

Kal: Man, I can’t even put it into words. It was like a punch to the stomach—well, that makes it sound like I wasn’t happy, because I was. I guess on a scale of one to ten—ten being massively shocked—I’d have to say ten.

Brenda: *laughs* Yeah, you did seem pretty shocked. What about your mother? How are things between her and Katherine now?

Kal: *Shrugs* Still a little tense. Things are definitely better than they were at first, but yeah, still some tension. We took a trip to visit my mom in France after Katherine and I got married. It went okay, but…yeah, there was a shitload of tension. *Chuckles.* Maybe one day Katherine and my mom will be closer. My mother spoiled the crap out of Ike though.

Brenda: I hope Katherine and your mother do become closer one day. I think it would be good for Katherine, you know, because of how things are with her parents. And speaking of her parents…any news there?

Kal: Nope, which pisses me off. Katherine sent them a letter as you know, but still no reply. Kat doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Brenda: I guess Katherine sort of figured they wouldn’t reply. Personally, if my parents did to me what Katherine’s parents did to her, I’d never forgive them—but that’s just me.

Kal: Same here. A part of me hopes I never meet then ‘cause I’m not sure what I’d do—but I’ll tell ya, it won’t be pretty.

Brenda: So, any more news on Ike’s special abilities?

Kal: *Winks* You know I can’t tell you. You’ll have to wait to find out.

Brenda: *Laughs* Not even a small hint?

Kal: *Laughs back* Nope.

Brenda: Okay, moving on. Ike’s the only child at the base—until Mel and Breeana’s baby is born, that is. So, how is that going? How are the other warriors handling having a child around? Have there been any problems?

Kal: Well, Katherine caught Ike swearing a few nights ago. Not saying that’s because of living at the base with a pack of male vampire warriors, but hey, we all tend to forget ourselves and use language we shouldn’t. And like I said to Kat, the kids at school probably swear—I know I did at his age. I just made sure I didn’t swear around my parents or other adults. *Laughs* But other than that incident, things have been very smooth. *Kal frowns and then chuckles.* Actually, as weird as this may sound, Ike and Ace have become quite good friends. They spend a lot of time playing cards: Crazy Eight, War, even Old Maid. And Ace taught Ike how to play poker. Katherine’s not thrilled about that, but she sees how much Ike likes hangin’ with Ace.

Brenda: Are you serious? Ace? Wow, that…*Laughs.* Of all the slayers stationed there, I never would have thought Ace would have the patience to spend time with a ten year old.

Kal: Totally mental, right? I mean, Ace? *Laughs and shakes his head.*

Brenda: How’s Ike doing in school?

Kal: Good. The kid’s a brain. He must get that from Katherine because he sure as shit doesn’t get it from me. I wasn’t the best in school.

Brenda: Well, before we go, is there anything else you would like to say?

Kal: Nah, not really. *Glances at his wrist watch.* I better split. Mel and Soren are waitin’ for me.

Brenda: Kal, it’s been a pleasure. I won’t hold you up any longer. Say hi to Katherine, Ike and the other warriors for me.

Kal: * Shakes Brenda’s hand* Will do, and thanks. Had a blast.

Brenda: I would like to interview Katherine soon. I’ll call and set up a time.

Kal: Sounds good. I’ll let her know.

Kal: Thanks, Kate. *Flashes a smile, then winks.*


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About Brenda:

Brenda Dyer lives in the small town of Sooke off the coast of British Columbia with her husband, two teenage boys, and an assortment of animals.

She is a graduate from LongRidge Writers group.

When she isn’t writing you can find her out in her gardens or working with her two miniature horses.

Brenda loves to hear from readers. If you would like to contact her, visit her website.




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  1. Love, love, love this book! Brenda, you are a superstar who has officially converted a woman who used to poo poo on vampire books into a lover of them! Congrats hon!

  2. Wonderful Interview… I made this comment earlier today and didn’t leave a website address…maybe that was why it was still in moderation??? Here is my message: I LOVE SWEET BRENDA DYER SO MUCH!!!! LOL I had fun reading this! Great job Girls! ‘Dynamic Brenda’ Yep and she’s Smexy too! (left a weblink this time)

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