I’m BACK!!

I log on to my website and see that the last post was in November of 2016.  That doesn’t surprise me.  My life took a climactic turn on August 31, 2016.  That is when I decided to choose happiness over turmoil.  It finally became clear that my emotional security was in jeopardy.  I didn’t know that my physical safety would be threatened in the process.  But life is a journey.  We learn and grow.  I am ready for my new life.  I have started writing again, albeit slowly.  As anyone that has recovered from a traumatic event knows, baby steps are needed.  I hope to pop in here more often.

Girl Series Update

Hello all:


The school year has started and that means I’m back to working three jobs.  I always find myself overwhelmed in September as I “get used” to my school year schedule.  Alas, I wrote three full length novels among my insane work life so I know I can do it again. There will be a few changes to the Girl Series list.  I am embarrassed to admit that I try to go and make changes to my website and it looks so crappy.  I have an information science degree but graphic design is not my strong point.  Therefore, I may wait and try to save some money to get my web designer to do it right.

Here are some updates:

Book 4, Smart Girl, will be out in early 2016

A new idea of mine, Mean Girl, will hopefully be released in December.  This will be a full length novel.

Lauren’s story will be another year or two down the line so I will be releasing Dream Girl next month.  Dream Girl is a novella and was written as an introduction to Lauren’s story and I loved it.  I decided it was silly to wait so long to release it.

I have a novella, Tough Girl, that will be released in an anthology in February.  More details on that exciting project later!

Rebels of Romance Newsletter

Here is a link for a newsletter that is designed to give you information on free or discounted romance books.  I personally know the organizer of this newsletter.  All these books are “honest” deals.  No pirated or fake offers.  I hope to have a deal posted in every newsletter myself!  Sign up.  It’s FREE!




Win it Wednesday

Hi all!  Please stop on by Stella’s blog for a chance to win a Kate Baum ebook and an Amazon gift card.  Tell me what “Girl Series” novel title I’d write about you!



Wild Girl

Oh my goodness!  It has been over a month since I’ve commented on my blog.  Where does time go? SO MUCH has happened.  I am working with my graphic designer to get new covers posted on my home page.  In the meantime, I will be posting a few of my new releases here.  First I will start with my cover for Wild Girl.