Stranded with a Billionaire!

I am beyond excitement about this announcement!  Yesterday the Stranded with a Billionaire erotic romance boxed set went live on Amazon!!   I’m waiting for the graphic artist to send me an image.  In the meantime, here is more information:

Hot Tales By 6 Best-Selling Erotic Romance Authors!

What happens when a billionaire is stuck in a situation money won’t fix? Six authors offer extraordinary tales of love, lust and desperation in Stranded With a Billionaire.

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My novella, Rich Girl, is actually going to be book 5.5 of my Girl Series.  It will follow Curvy Girl (Lauren’s story).  Obviously then, there will be secrets revealed as some of my readers have asked for Anthony’s story.  I didn’t want to give anything away early but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in this anthology.  So the story just fit.  Hopefully by the time I self-publish Rich Girl, books 4 and 5 (Smart Girl and Curvy Girl) will already have been released!




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